My wife is a talented artist, a genius known only to a few lucky souls. As she splashes the ink on the canvas, in my eyes, it looks like a hot mess! Not at all disturbed by my looks and untrained eye, she continues unperturbed. Soon enough, when it is all said and done, she calls me into the studio.” What do you think,she inquires?”. In utter amazement, I could only blurb out one word,”awesome!”. The hot-mess was transformed into a masterpiece!

How about your life? Would you consider it a hot mess or a masterpiece? If a hot mess, congratulations! Masterpieces are not created from perfection, they are puzzle pieces of messes put together by a skilled creator. The prodigal son had made a hot mess out of his life. He had many of life’s advantages; a loving and wealthy father, good home and servants at his beck and call. In his immaturity, he asked for his inheritance. He partied it up in wild and wasteful living, ending up in a pig-sty. He was a hot-mess!

He could have stayed there, feeling sorry for himself, depressed and dejected, forever punishing himself for his errors. It is easy to do, many end up there. How about you? What would you do if your once great life turned unrecognizable to yourself and others?

The prodigal son got up. Nothing happens until you take that first step. For some, It is asking for help, for others it is making an internal decision to make a change and following through. Hot messes do not define who you are, they are all the experiences in life, both good and bad, preparing you for who you are becoming. Begin to see your life and failures in a new light. There is no better time than now!

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