Amigos Aboard!

Even your life was created with a purpose. Believe it or not, since the very first man was created it was with purpose, you can believe that or not. But I know you will find truth in this. Amigos and friends are not as steady as we wish. We make one wrong move, show too much emotion, cry a bit too much, or not at all, and we find ourselves alone again. No more amigos, no more friends. This is a sad truth, one which shouldn’t be so true. A friend and amigo shouldn’t care about how much or how we express our emotions, nor how we dress or speak.

A true amigo is one that protects and covers when you, yourself is acting like a piece of crap. It’s one that doesn’t care about how feelings are expressed but knows the depths of you without having to express it. This, my amigos, you will rarely if ever find. This is why most of my own amigos are all aimless. They claim to be for me, but they leave when times get tough, or when other duties call. They claim to love me when I’m there for them, feed them, and help them. But when I needed anything, they are as dead as flies. This my amigos, is the sad truth. Don’t trust friends or amigos, they’ll let you down. Love and trust someone unlovable, someone that needs an amigo, and be amazed how someone you do not know, can be the one and only to defend your soul.

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