What do you do when the time of joy in the world is a time of pain in your world? How do you cope when the season reminds you of everything and everyone you lost rather than what you gained? A time of joy may have found you in a joyless marriage, a joyless job and a joyless life. What do you do when everything around you is dry, dead and depressing? You look up and keep the faith. Faith in the inner knowledge that times are transient and seasons shift.

I spent some time in the tropics in my youth, where there are only two seasons-dry and wet.The dry season is very dry, no rain for months. When you start to think It will be dry forever, suddenly, the clouds turn grey and without much warning the rain comes down. Not in a trickle but a torrential downpour!

Our lives also have seasons and times. We go through times of Joy and times of sorrow, times of lack and times of abundance, times of sowing and times of reaping. The main problem we have is not facing the reality of the season we are in and acknowledging its usefulness in our lives. We quickly wish away the one while desiring the other.

Dry seasons are meant to draw us to a closer dependency on God, while the wet seasons lead us to proclaim His goodness and faithfulness. The common denominator in both the dry and wet season is You and God. Times pass and seasons shift. If you have not passed, the dry season will pass and the wet will follow. The dead feel no pain, neither do they feel the rain!

At the end of the day, you will discover that there are things you are responsible for and other things you are not. You can control your part but you cannot control God’s part.

You can persevere and keep the faith. You can surround yourself with a few faithful friends. You can rejoice with those who are rejoicing. You can volunteer in helping others. You can give a widow’s mite.

It is while you are busy doing your part that God who never sleeps does His part.

He shifts the seasons and changes the times, He turns the hearts of men and kings, He raises up helpers and deposes despots, he opens doors and shuts other doors. He stops the famine and brings in the rain. What was once dry is now very wet. What was impossible in one season is now a reality in another. What appeared dead is now alive again. What was lost in one season is found in another one.

This is the result of you and God working in harmony. You accepting your part while allowing Him to do His. Times and seasons will always change. That you can count on. The question is, are you flowing with the times or too busy fighting it?

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