I am not a fan or a hater of Mark Zuckerberg, the famous Facebook creator. But I was so encouraged by these words from Priscilla Zuckerberg as she described their philanthropic initiative: “Setting audacious goals is important.” We need to think about beyond what’s possible. We are not going to do that ourselves, but we do think it will be possible to care, prevent and manage all diseases by the end of this century. What do you think?

The Zuckerbergs are billionaires and have decided to give away 99% of their Facebook shares over their lifetime to fund this audacious goal. Awesome! They boldly stand on their financial power and resources to make this goal a reality. As a servant of Christ and a businessman I was stirred up in my soul as I imagined what kind of audacious goals I could set given that the power I stand on is much greater than all the financial power in the universe; the indescribable, unimaginable and infinite power of Christ.

As believers in Christ, we proclaim Him as the King of kings, we claim that nothing is impossible for Him, we say He is the master Physician, we tell others about His greatness and His love. But, do we dare, like the Zuckerbergs, audaciously set seemingly impossible goals to heal all diseases in His name? Do we even believe it is possible or is it something we just read in scriptures written hundreds of years ago? Are we so fearful of failure, we dare not even try? Is our Christianity mainly following a set of moral and ethical rules and regulations? Are we serving Christ only to go to heaven and escape hell? Are we willing to pay the price of seeing people healed and delivered through His power?

The Zuckerbergs are committed to giving away almost all their wealth, including their time and energy in eradicating all diseases. Audacious goals require audacious sacrifices. Even Christ suffered and sacrificed all in saving and redeeming mankind. He suffered public humiliation, public shame and public disgrace. What are we willing to sacrifice?

You might say, healing all diseases is never going to happen, a complete pie in the sky fantasy. Maybe. The other side is more damaging. Believing for nothing and receiving nothing! Here is a reality you can hang your hat on: Christ said,”all that you gave me, I lost none. Except the son of perdition”. All the souls God gave Christ, He healed, saved, delivered, raised from the dead and cleansed. He did not heal everyone, only those His father gave Him. By the same token in our own individual lives, there are souls God has also committed into our hands to save, deliver and heal.

This is a shout out, a rallying cry to all christian businessmen and women, christian producers, executives, scientists, teachers and all those who call on the name of Christ. We have in our beings a power above all powers. That power is greater than any other power and is able to accomplish much more than we can ever imagine. The world is waiting for the demonstration of this power. God is also waiting for us to believe again and be supernaturally imparted with His power.

It takes a sacrifice, a giving up of something, to possess something greater. It starts with a burning desire in the soul and a simple prayer: Lord, give me the power and authority to heal all the souls apportioned to me. Can you imagine how many would be healed if we all unite in this audacious prayer?

Be inspired by the desire of the Zuckerbergs-they are fulfilling their part. We need to fulfill ours. At the end of our lives, like Christ, may we also be able to say,"Father, all that you gave me, I lost none. Except those who rejected you.

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