Cain: Cursed or Christian?

I hope and assume, by no judgment, that most Christians are familiar with the story of Cain and Abel. It you are not familiar, it’s a classic story of sibling rivalry. Two brothers in competition to be the best and to have it all. In the end, Cain was the victorious one who was able to kill his little brother Abel. This murderous act brought a curse and a swift judgement on Cain’s head and throughout all history Cain has been an object of extreme hatred and judgement by every Christian who knows their bible stories. Let’s not be so quick to judge, let’s hold up for one second. Have we not also been guilty of the same sin? As you and I also have issues with anger and jealousy towards our siblings and friends, would you be so bold to murder?

I believe that most of us would, however, we justify our sin in the name of God instead of repenting, in the same way Cain did in his day. Do you feel righteous when you slay others? Do you blame them and believe that you’re more holy than those that you kill? Do you believe that you are any better than Cain the Killer?

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