Perspective is everything. Life has at least two perspectives, just as a coin has two sides, heads and tails. Where we focus our attention will determine where our thoughts, words, and actions proceed.

The world wide Pandemic as all of us are aware as the Coronavirus has brought worldwide confusion, controversy, even death. Sadly very different perceptions and realizations. There is the natural mind and the spiritual being. Within the natural thought of the mind, are probabilities and predicting abilities, given what we have seen before and what we find from our experiences and data of past pandemics, we call it rationality.  The natural origin of the virus be it bats, birds, monkeys, etc. There are also the various natural conspiracy theories that are plastered all over the internet by the talking heads and others.

The other main perspective is the spiritual. Within that perspective is the Divine and Demonic. Is this virus proceeding from a malevolent devil intent on destroying mankind or is this a Judgment from a Just God seeking to cleanse and separate the false from the true, the fearful from the faithful, the wise from the foolish, the true believers from the false believers, the good from the evil and the sons of light from the sons of darkness? How are we supposed to know? How is a child supposed to know anything? Isn’t it by asking questions? Read on if you care to know….

It is important to understand that all things material come from an unseen realm. What we see comes from the unseen. We do not see, nor feel, the coronavirus with our natural eyes nor body (until the effects manifest) yet no one can dispute its presence. This unseen virus has made itself a superstar through the impacts of the disease: death and destruction it has inflicted in the natural world. The fear of this one virus has radically changed the way we live and operate. Not only that, it’s also impacted all people around the world, whether they claim to believe in the unseen or not, the world believes in the virus. What the Lord has not been able to accomplish through His word, His Prophets, His disciples, and His Son: by the world's unbelief in Him has been well accomplished by a cluster of unseen corona or crown wearing viruses. Do you see the irony, or are you blinded by its fear?

From a natural perspective how should we respond to this threat, this deadly virus? We should respond forcefully and aggressively, and of course wash our hands for 20 seconds. By such things as described as social distancing, self quarantine, self care, self preservation, self isolation are all prudent natural measures we ought to observe. All the while, entire nations are under permanent lock-down. Undoubtedly, the USA will follow suit. Kill the germs or be killed by them indeed.

How about the spiritual perspective? How should spiritual people, mainly Christians, respond? If we claim Jesus as our Lord and Savior, how are we responding? Specifically, see how the church and the leaders of God’s house have responded. Have all believing Christians assumed this virus is from the devil? I ask why? And if you believe so, did anyone hear a warning from God? If assumed it is from God, Why? Did anyone hear a word from God? Should people not inquire and ask for a word from God before assuming they know what His will is? The scriptures recount in 2 Samuel 21 how King David inquired of the Lord when famine came into his land. He did not assume it was the devil or God. Neither did he assume it was just a natural phenomena, such as the cycle of life. Like a child, he asked questions, and he asked them to God and none other. The answer he received, from God, was not one he had anticipated or saw coming. He was told that the previous King had committed atrocities against a particular group of people and the famine was a Judgment for that atrocity that had been committed many years prior.

Just as David did, we also ought to inquire of the Lord concerning this threat, not assume it isn’t sent as a punishment and judgement from God and say: “Lord, is this from you or from the evil one?” We should never assume we know, we should take the humble position of a child. Sadly, this world lives in a time of unbelief that God even speaks to us as he did to David and others in the Bible. Most pastors and bishops claim God has already told us everything we need to know through the scriptures, recorded in the Holy Bible. How about if God, as an earthly father communicated all he has to say to you, as a son or daughter, through one, not many, but just one letter? I wonder if anyone in this world could have love for him, a neglectful and non-present father? The truth is and remains the same yesterday, today and forever, His word is alive and living and always speaking. Anyone true to His spirit will attest to this truth. Anyone who binds God to a bible will argue this till their death.

When the bible spoke of the first coming of the Lord, basically all in the religious circles, such as the Scribes and Pharisees (and others), though teachers of the Law, did not see nor have revelation of the letter they were so famous for quoting and teaching. They wrongly and sinfully assumed the Lord would appear in the form of a conqueror. Not in a humble, broke and good for nothing carpenter’s son.

Many, if not all, God forbid, Christians, over 2000 years later, are all walking as the Pharisees walked, passing by and feeling justified. Assuming their intelligence and education in seminary school gave them a highway to the ways of God and how He would appear to us in this new generation. If the believers in the times of Jesus did not understand the first coming of Jesus, what makes anyone think he/she can possibly understand or know how Jesus will appear in His second coming?

Does He not appear before He appears? Does He not choose whatever form He deems appropriate? What if He came in the form of the now so feared and dreaded coronavirus?

Form is the way of the spirit, the way the spirit tests, draws and separates. Even the devil can choose to appear in many different forms, sometimes as an angel of light. If we believe the devil can change his form, appearing as a shining angel, why should we struggle to believe Christ's ability and need to appear in an unusual/unexpected form? The coronavirus is unseen, so is Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Have we even considered that this may be the Lord manifesting as a form of Judgement? To consider this as a possibility, we must expand our understanding of what the word Judgement entails and really means. Judgement is not a negative word or occurrence, yet we as a people do tend to think it is. Forgetting that there is a need for it because of the wicked and evil that still exist in this world. The wicked naturally resist and fear judgement, preferring life to continue to be prosperous for them and theirs and for evil and injustice to reign unchallenged. But as Christians, we also have adopted the same resistance and fear, if it wasn’t so, no churches would have closed on behalf of the fear of infection. God is, and has always been, a God of judgement and Justice. His judgement cleanse, refine, purify, and separate. They bring light to every matter and issue.

We all live in a world of illusions full of hypocrites. Enemies who appear to be friends and friends who appear to be enemies, good that appears to be evil and evil that appears to be good, true believers that appear to be fanatical and extreme and false believers that appear prudent and rational. The world is in desperate need of the judgment of God to help separate the two apart. When judgement appears, in its beauty, it separates the faithful from the fearful, the wicked from the good and the true lovers of God from haters and hypocrites masquerading as believers.

One of the most thought provoking questions asked by Christ was from Luke 18:8: ”When the Son of man comes, will He really find faith on the earth”? Ask yourself, If Christ appeared to you today, cloaked as a life threatening coronavirus, what would He find and what would you say and feel? Would you falsely proclaim faith or honestly confess fear?

This type of dilemma will be asked and posed to all who claim to know the Lord Jesus as Their Lord and Savior. If you disagree, please recollect these words from the book of revelation as a reminder. As you read, do not think for a second that God speaks plain and clear English or any language other than the spirit language, be open to Him, so that He may be open to you.

“Now I saw heaven opened and behold a white horse. And He who sat on him was called faithful and true, and in righteousness He judges and makes war. His eyes were like a flame of fire and on his head were many crowns. He had a name written that no one knew except himself. He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood and His name is called, The word of God. And the armies in heaven clothed in fine linen, white and clean, followed Him on white horses. Now out of his mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it He should strike the nations.”

The one who sat on him, the horse is indeed Christ seated on a white horse, which attests to the judgement and honesty of His spirit. Notice that in His mouth is a sword, a double-edged sword, one side is judgment the other is healing. But we don’t allow anyone to even talk to us, let alone preach to us given the fear of germs. Listen closely, when Christ coughs, releases His double edge sword from his mouth, His judgement or healing cannot be stopped, no matter how long you wash your hands or cleanse yourself. He knows the truth because He is the truth.

Now, we hear a lot about His promises and His return, especially more than ever in this day, what does it mean? Here are a few observations:

Christ Finds Pastors Shutting the Doors of The Church.

All of a sudden, the deliverance pastors are too afraid to deliver one infected by the Coronavirus? The same preachers and pastors who intensely post on social media that no weapon fashioned against me shall prevail are too fearful to even meet with their flock? It’s too simple, the governing authorities told them to do so and yes, they care about the well-being of their parishioners, meaning their own salaries, than the healing or well being of their flock. The question is, how many of the churches have inquired of the Lord concerning this very urgent matter? Have they simply caved in to the will of the authorities? The fact that it’s a question means sadly there isn’t anyone bold enough for Christ. Most are living in fear of not just Satan but the Coronavirus.

When the governing authorities in the days of Daniel told everyone in the land not to pray to any other God, did Daniel obey? Did he listen and fear the punishment of his government? Did he stock up on toilet paper? Did he feel ashamed that no matter what, he would love and obey God?

No, no way in Hell would Daniel stand to see His God belittled!! He boldly prayed and bore the consequences of his disobedience to earthly authority. God requires a heart of boldness not cowardice. If we are hiding our cowardice under the guise of obeying the government when we have not even sought the Lord, we are much overdue for our Judgment. The first group of people judged by God are cowards and false believers, don’t you worry about other petty sins the evangelical church loudly preaches against. Not seeking His face is not an excuse! Americans fight over abortion, not knowing christ is aborted everyday in your spirit because you do not believe. If you could see a picture of Jesus in your spirit whom he intended to grow and be birthed in you, you would have more compassion and love instead of unjust judgement on others you feel are sinful while believing you’re righteous.

One young and up and coming Pastor of a wanna be mega baptist church in Phoenix exemplifies the Christian Church mentality of today. The Head Pastor sent out an email to the ones signed up on the email list, no personal phone calls or anything, telling all who belonged to the church that fellowship and worship would not cease because God is in control of the Coronavirus. The Senior Pastor of North Phoenix Baptist Church, Noe Garcia,  urged the elderly and those with compromised health to remain home in order for the rest to meet freely. In his message, Pastor Noe Garcia was sure that God had spoken to him and the elders after prayers. The very same day after notices were sent out of local schools being shut down for the unforeseeable future, we knew that Friday that another “notice” would come before the Sunday worship.

The VERY next day, Saturday as expected, after news that schools in Phoenix are shut down, the Pastor, as expected, forced by the elders and not by God tried to communicate that he woke up and had an experience he couldn’t explain, I can explain it very frankly, FEAR. He fears going with God because God doesn’t sign his paycheck. So, because he is responsible and thinks God will honor cowardice, said that he changed his mind in a matter of hours. This is how the church has the power to corrupt and continues to do so, and God is mad! It's exactly this type of flip-flopping politicians are known for and a sad example of the state of the so-called Church of Jesus today. Has God not told us to stand by Him and no one other than Him? If God has told any church to shut His house down and go online, do so without reservations. The main issue for the pastor is, have you inquired of the Lord concerning His house of which He has placed you as head? Did Stephen go online when he was being stoned while preaching the very true Gospel of Jesus? If Stephen could allow himself to die for the name of Jesus, how can any church that is closed because of fear of the coronavirus even have the audacity to claim the name of Jesus?

He has found Christians practicing social distancing

Let’s be very clear, social distancing is keeping as far away from sick people as you possibly can. Do not by any means or matter get close and if they get closer, run away. Fine, if you are led to practice social distancing, you better be like Jesus, Elisha and His true disciples. However, you should know and remember that when Naaman the leper sought healing from his very contagious disease, the prophet Elisha practiced great social distancing because of God’s insight, not the center of disease control.  He gave him a divine word on how his leprosy would be healed. He did not have to come close to him physically. His word was immune from the disease and he was protected by being physically distant. Jesus also healed a centurion’s servant illness while practicing social distancing. He sent His word without being physically present.

Also, in the spirit, those who belong to God already practice spiritual social distancing by divinity, not physicality. God is invisible and is physically as distant as can be to any believer yet, some maintain a spiritual relationship with him without a physical closeness.

My wife and I do not have to be in the same room to sense each other’s thoughts. Neither does one of our sons who is hundreds of miles away in a different location. The physical distance does not block the spiritual closeness. The danger is not the physical distancing, It is the distancing of the soul and spirit from one another.   Will the Lord find this kind of faith when He returns? The word of God through the prophet Isaiah compels us not to hide from our own flesh. Even if our physical bodies are bound to the house, our spiritual bodies should not be bound. The Apostle Paul, quarantined in a physical prison, was never bound in the spirit. He received many mighty revelations while his body was bound and forced to practice social distancing.

Many, if not all who claim to  be Christians claim freedom in heaven but are bound in their spirits. They have bound the spirit of boldness and released the spirit of fear and cowardice. One of the purest signs of a believer being filled with the Holy Spirit of God is boldness.

On the day of Pentecost, 120 people gathered together in an upper room not giving in to fear or social distancing. They chose boldness over fear. If you claim to be born again, tongue speaking and spirit filled yet continue to give in to cowardice, I would seriously consider whose spirit you received. God is bold as a lion. Cowardice is not from him. All churches in America in this day are so quick to practice social distancing and obey the law of the land but the higher law of God, the law of the spirit is willfully ignored. How will you answer the inquiry of the lord when He asks:

When I was in prison did you visit me or when I was sick did you come by?

It was not convenient to visit a Christian in prison in Jesus’ time on earth. A visitor was deemed guilty by association by the ruling Roman authorities. You would be putting your life at risk in visiting this sick Christian prisoner. Would you tell Jesus you were just practicing good social distancing rules? Maybe all the disciples that left Jesus on the cross as he was dying were also practicing “social distancing”?

If you claim to practice social distancing and have ignored the ways and words of God to you in particular, distancing yourself from those He has called you to help, you are without excuse!

He has found Christians assuming God speaks only through the well known famous and influential preachers.

If you presume God speaks only through TV preachers, self-appointed prophets, Apostles and evangelists, you are sinfully mistaken. What if God was bypassing the so-called prophets and preachers of the day and speaking through the mouth of untrained plumbers, untrained doctors, untrained brokers and untrained welders? What if He chooses the foolish to confound the wise? The foolish in our society includes women who dare to preach and prophesy, after all women ought not to preach! They include that person with a checkered past who can never pass a background check or even get a decent job, they include that person who uses profanity and curse words, or that person who never attended seminary or that person who is new to the faith. This current christian world would have shut out most of the prophets in the bible, the apostle Paul, and even the Lord Himself. In their eyes, they would not have been qualified to speak for God. This gross error is being committed in our day. It is the kind of faith that Jesus will find!

He has found Christians being prudent and rational.

Many Christians say we have to be prudent, frugal, in addition to using the brain God gives them. I have nothing against the brain, not unless it blocks the spirit of God. It has its use and its place. But I also have been given a Spirit. The spirit knows all things, even the hidden things of God, according to the word. Are we so rational and prudent, we have discounted the words of the spirit and rationalized it away? Have we elevated our  brains over our spirits? Was the Lord Jesus Himself as prudent as He walked knowingly towards His death on the cross? Were the disciples being as rational as they forsook their businesses and families in following Christ and their eventual humiliating demise?

The Law of the spirit is always in opposition and at war with the law and rules of the flesh. The flesh seeks comfort and convenience but the true Spirit of God seeks truth, honesty, and more than anything loyalty at all and any cost. If you are hiding your fear and cowardice under the umbrella of being prudent, rational, and logical: God knows it and will judge your heart accordingly. You may be able to receive the accolades of whatever church you pay tithes to but is it a fair trade for the condemnation of the Lord?

He has found Christians in Fear or Faith?

Fear exists in two realms, in the flesh and in the spirit. Fear in the flesh is experienced by everyone, including all  true believers. It is impossible to eradicate this type of fear while we are in this temporary flesh. However, there is another fear that resides in our spirits that can be eradicated. It is this fear in the Spirit that God often speaks and counsels against. By receiving His Spirit, we can and will live in freedom, no matter what the world defines us by. Just as faith can be in mere words and action, so can fear. If fear is in our hearts and we act and speak as if we are not fearful, God sees our hearts and knows the truth. We can fool the church and fellow Christians called believers, we can even fool ourselves. But no one can fool God! Isn’t it better to confess our fears and be radically honest before God rather than face the judgment of hypocrisy and dishonesty? Any fear in the spirit cripples our faith and we need to overcome those fears. Not necessarily overcoming death of the body but overcoming the eternal death of our spirit. True faith, not fear, is what Christ desires to see, especially always in anyone who claims to pray in the name of Jesus. Anyone who claims to be a believer in Jesus who fears anything in the world, including the Coronavirus, is not fearful enough of Jesus himself and doesn’t love God, only the image of Him.

He has found Christians wrongfully interpreting scripture and taking the Lord’s Name in vain.

This practice is by far the most egregious and disturbing. The devil is known for misleading and misquoting scripture even when he was in the wilderness tempting the Lord Jesus. Here are a few of the multitude of scriptures and words I have heard misquoted during this outbreak of the new serpent called Coronavirus:

“Do not fear”

For the one who is being judged by the Lord for their particular wickedness, they ought to be very fearful. Our job is not to comfort the wicked. If you do not fear the Lord, you will have many fears! The word for the wicked is this, “Fear Him, who is able to commit both your body and soul to hell. I say, fear Him!” The word of fear not, is not a blanket word for all people. If you are a lover of Christ, fear not for you is meant to strengthen your spirit. A prosperity preacher is one who callously throws out the precious word to all people, refusing to preach the whole counsel of the word, focusing on the love of God but not His Judgements.  Run from such words and half empty gospel!

“No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper”

If God is the one fashioning the weapon, it shall prosper and no one will be able to stop it. For the wicked, the word and the weapon shall not go back void to God, it shall perform what it has been fashioned to do. But for the righteous lovers of God, even if the weapon leads to physical death and transports the soul into the presence of Christ, it is very well indeed for such a person. This was the case for Stephen, the first christian martyr. As evil weapons of stones were being fashioned against him by haters of Christ, the heavens opened and he saw the lord welcoming him home. The weapons may be the means by which some return home to Christ and the means through which others are hurled into hell.

“If God saved Daniel from the Lion’s den, He will save you as well”

Really? Are all Christians as faithful as Daniel? Do all exhibit the same courage as Daniel did in Babylon? Are all lovers of God as he was? How can anyone claim a scripture when one has not met the conditions of the word? How about the early Christians that were mauled by lions as the Roman emperor Nero threw them into the coliseum? How come God didn't save them? If we are going to claim a scripture, we better claim one that has been personally given by God to us individually. Repeating words callously thrown out by a preacher or others will not bring anyone any of the peace nor deliverance they desire.

“Claiming Psalm 91”

He who dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty. This is a great word to those who have made God their shelter, refuge, rock and have learned to depend on Him for everything. They have learned not to live by bread alone but every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. They have learned to trust God even unto death. Is every Christian like this? If you are being judged, separated from this dwelling place, no matter how zealously you claim psalm 91, it will avail you nothing. A sure scripture for the righteous is, “Though He slay me yet will I trust Him.”  No matter what happens in this realm God will forever be the shelter and refuge for the righteous. But for the wicked, thou he flee to the bottomless pit of the earth, God will find him there. There is no peace or hiding place for the wicked.

Some claim to bind the devil”

If God is judging, binding the devil is an utter waste of time. God’s work of separation, purification and cleansing cannot be bound. His work is to purify the sons of light and expose and expel the sons of darkness. Our prayer ought to be that the Lord’s will be done and His mighty name glorified.

What then should a true believer in God do in these times of chaos, confusion and calamity?

Here are a few considerations:

Be Christ to those around you

Be the salt and light by speaking the truth that has been revealed to you. Do not say peace when the Lord has not said so nor say war to those who need His comfort. Be sensitive in the spirit, discerning the Lord’s voice and will. Even if the words are bitter, It is only the truth that can set people free from fear or send the wicked swiftly to where he belongs.

Crisis opens the door to opportunities.

It is time for the true believer to seek the lord in a deeper way. Great revelations and mysteries of the kingdom are often released to those who ask at such a time as this. While others are concerned about toilet paper and hand sanitizer, the true believer and follower of Jesus ought to focus on the further cleansing of his soul. How do you know that a word received through you could be to the saving of a soul.