Creepy Cancer: #youtoo?

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Imagine an invisible Loch Ness monster blowing in the air, striking and demolishing its prey one soul at a time. One day It’s a young mother with young children, with endless dreams and hopes for the future. The next victim, a middle aged married man, looking forward to his retirement years.

This invisible monster has no boundaries, it strikes young and old; black and white; smart and dumb; rich and poor. It is not biased in any way; It is an equal opportunity destroyer! We are all walking targets.

This heartless predator doesn't give a rats behind about your dreams, plans, and hopes. It is like a bloodthirsty vampire, it wants your blood! The monster has a name, a name we are all so afraid of, CANCER!

Many years ago I lost my spouse to brain cancer, she was a healthy and active woman in her late twenties. No warnings, no mercy, no healing. In one day, a headache was suddenly cancer, three months left to live. Even though I was not the one with the cancer diagnosis, I was affected and suffered tremendously as I saw her beautiful dark hair fall out in chunks; when she lost the use of her right hand; when she lost the ability to speak; and when she finally passed away. Friends and family tried to console me with words like: ”Just stay positive”; “Everything will be alright”; "Hang in there". Although the intentions were meant for well the words did not resonate in my spirit. What is there to be positive about when you know death is just around the corner? Is there anything to be positive about when life as you knew it no longer exists? How can everything be alright without my wife?

I had to change the way I thought. I realized that positive doesn't always mean a cancer-free report from the physician or an endless joyful life. Positive takes on a higher meaning, a new perspective. Positive knowing that you are not the cancer! Your physical is affected but your soul can remain unaffected. Positive knowing that no matter what happens, two-thirds of your being, which is in reality a hundred percent of you, can never die. Positive in having loved ones to hold. Positive being alive today, tomorrow is not guaranteed!

Cancer is devastating. It is war. It is meant to steal every fiber of your being, your body, soul and spirit. Christ said to one man who appeared to have it all together: ”What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?” Souls are priceless, no amount of money can purchase souls. Cancer in the physical body can be contagious to your soul if left unprotected. Many cancer victims curse and blame God, become hard and bitter, ultimately forsaking all faith. The question everyone asks when diagnosed: "Why me?" has turned into "God sucks!"

Granted when we received the terminal diagnosis we were sad, hurt, and fearful of the future. However, after the initial shock, we experienced the other side. A supernatural peace and hope in spite of the day of death countdown. Also, true friends rose up to support us. True friends really are known in the days of adversity.

In this world of cancer wars fought all over the world we must fight for one another. The Doctors fight the physical part of the cancer with surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and medication. Who's fighting for the cancer spreading to your soul? All of us must fight! Fight in the spirit with intense prayers, fasting, meditation, and tears.

Rise up and save the souls of those affected by the monster called cancer! Cancer wins only if the soul is hijacked. This life is temporary, we will all die, one way or another! We can die of cancer, accidents, suicide, etc. To win is not living forever here on earth. Even Lazarus, a man Jesus raised from the dead, died again. We win and overcome death when our souls are protected. Only Christ can truly protect and keep us from that wicked Loch Ness monster.

We must all be one. You too is me too!

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