At One soul, we are in the business of reconciling relationships and bringing healing to hellish situations. Reconciliation does not always mean a return to how things used to be. It means a release of hurts, anger, hostility and bitterness sustained in the conflict; even if both parties go their separate ways.

Many people have harbored guilt as they found themselves unable to practice one of the most challenging words from Christ,”Love your enemies,do good to those who hate you.” I believe the problem stems from not fully understanding what these words truly mean. The reality is that none of us can love our enemies, it is humanly impossible. Until you accept this truth, you will either pretend, try to convince yourself or harbor guilt in attempting to live out this commandment.

The words “love” and “good” has to be viewed from a divine perspective not a natural perspective. The same God who commands us to love our enemies has been known to wipe out entire communities, nations and even the world on account of His hatred. Is that love? Yes, because His love manifests in three different ways. His common love, uncommon love and loving Judgement.

His common love is showered on all people, regardless of whether or not they love or hate him. He sends the rain, the sun, the stars on all. He gives His natural resources to all. His uncommon love however is reserved on those that love Him. He shows unusual respect, friendship and honor on those that honor Him back. He gifts them with His Spirit and divine nature. Finally, His loving Judgement is simply His Just love on those who hate Him. This type of love proceeds from His love for Justice and hatred for evil. You cannot truly love good without truly hating what is evil. God always seeks to bring the hateful and evil souls back to Himself. Sadly, not all souls desire His loving efforts therefore, there comes a time when even God has to release them from Himself; sending them to an eternal exile!

With this understanding, how then are we supposed to love our enemies? We must first be honest and sincere with ourselves. We cannot love our enemies. But God can. We can feed and clothe them with the basic necessities of life, just as God does. And if all attempts at reconciliation have been met with a brick wall, for our sake, we can release them and the pain to God. We are not designed to live with guilt, pain and hurts. They are poison to the soul.

Like God we too are made to love. God is love, so are we; in an imperfect form. The imperfections are continually perfected only as they are released to God. I release them by professing them, “Lord, take this cup of pain from me. I cannot handle it, you can.” As this profession and confession is regularly practiced, the burden and pressure of trying to obey an impossible command and loving people you cannot love begins to dissipate. You are taking responsibility by allowing these feelings to be transferred to the right Person. God who is the author of the command, will deal with the issues in whatever way He seems fit. In the meantime, you have successfully calibrated your feelings and free to live your life in peace.

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