Most of us seek healthy food and vitamins for our bodies daily but do you nourish your soul equally? The soul is an essential though often ignored part of our being. Mercy is the super-food your soul needs in order to remain vibrant and healthy. Mercy is having a compassionate and kind disposition to someone that does not deserve it, including yourself!

How merciful are you to your imperfections and bad habits? Do you often judge and criticize your own shortcomings? Are you deluded by your own sense of importance and reputation? Do you live in constant regret of the errors you have made in your past?

Happy are the merciful, says, Christ! A lack of mercy therefore can make you unhappy, stressed out and miserable.

We live in an increasingly unmerciful world. We are the wealthiest generation yet most depressed. What we need is not more money and medication, we need more mercy! We have enough money and resources in this world to feed every hungry soul, clothe every naked child and house every homeless person. Rather than show mercy, we judge others because we think: "They are lazy"; "They did it to themselves"; "They are alcoholics and drug addicts"; "They wasted their resources"; "They need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps"; etc. Perhaps some of the things listed above are true, however, that's besides the point.

Mercy is shown to the undeserving, not those who deserve it. When so called mercy is shown to the deserving, it is more like a business transaction: receiving a payment due.

It is our business to show mercy not judge. Judging implies we already know everything we need to know about a particular situation or person. Do we know the inner struggles, voices and conditions that have led to the outer problems we righteously judge?

Everyone needs mercy but no one deserves it. Do you deserve to be healthy while others are sick? Do you deserve to be born in one of the wealthiest nations on earth? What makes you deserving and entitled to receive mercy? How much good works and charity do you have to do in order to be deserving?

The ugly truth is we all deserve death. We have all abused and mistreated our creator from whom all mercy flows. We have withheld mercy from Him, ourselves and others. What is the remedy? It is simple.We cannot give what we don’t have. As a little baby cries to be fed by his mother, we also need to cry to our Father: "Lord, give me today my daily bread of mercy." His mercy is renewed every morning. Have you asked for this super-food for your soul lately?

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