No, It’s not Donald Trump! He is in many respects, just as wealthy as the President but not as famous. I met him through a friend. He was on a flight back home to Arizona. While reading an article in a magazine, he thought the picture of the man the article was about looked familiar. Of course it was: the man was the person sitting next to him! He engaged him in conversation and learnt that he was a Philanthropist and a real-estate developer. For privacy purposes, let’s just call him Mr G. Somehow, my name came up. I had just completed the manuscript to a book he felt this man would be interested in.

My friend wasted no time in telling me about this man and how he had mentioned me in conversation. I was excited at the prospect of meeting him face to face. I don’t know about you, but I don’t meet many

billionaires everyday, especially one described as “self-made”. I was very curious as to how this man was able to attain to this high status by himself.

Self-made to me implies charting your own course, a master of your own destiny,being in full control of your circumstances and conditions, a master sorcerer! When we met, he wasn’t what I expected. His demeanor and attitude was humble and sincere. He wanted to know about me, my life, my story.

I shared some but was eager to find out more about him. He was very willing to share. He grew up poor, in a dangerous drug ridden neighborhood, saw many of his friends die young, he dreamt of a better life, a way to escape his toxic environment, went to college on a scholarship, worked in sales for a few years, met a mentor who introduced him to buying real estate.

He took a risk with his savings and bought cheap land in Scottsdale, Arizona, a time when no one was interested in such a place. Years later, he bought more land in another part of the state. Several years later, his foresight and investments paid off. Big time! Some of the property was developed, million dollar homes, golf courses, top restaurants soon occupied where years ago, mostly snakes, coyotes and scorpions dwelt! He then went on to several philanthropic ventures. He ended the conversation by asking how he could best help me.

I had these thoughts after our time together: Was this man really self made? Did he by himself escape the dangers in his neighborhood? Did he give himself his intellect and personality? How about the mentor who steered him towards real-estate? Could he have prevented himself from premature death through disease?

There is only one that is self-made and He made us in his own image. His purpose? To make Him look great by making others great. Mr G, not my uncle, brother or natural family member had gotten this divine mandate. He was God-made and was on purpose to make others great.

You may not be a billionaire like Mr G but we all have a talent to grow and share. The question is, who are you making great?

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