Penis Preachers

All men were indeed created equal. We all have one  body, one soul and one spirit. Say what? Preachers and pastors have penises?

From the beginning of time after the fall of Adam and Eve, the human body became something to be ashamed of, to be covered up and hidden. In the process of covering up the body, we have also covered up the humanity of those who are called to lead us to a higher place. Preachers are men of similar passions as any. All men of God is first a man. Also subject to great and gross sins. Noah, a preacher of righteousness, got drunk and laid naked for all to laugh at. Lot partied with his daughters had sweet sex with them both in one night.

God was also their creator, he chose them for a purpose driven life. They were pastors of their time. What about today? Do we not adore so-called celebrity preachers? When some of these men fall from the high positions of honor and sleep with a daughter or get drunk and pass out; why be surprised? They have penises too! Thinking that preachers are immune to sin is an even greater sin.  When Noah got drunk and passed out drunk God didn't punish him. God killed his sons for laughing at their dad drunk!

Preachers are human not divine. Any part of their human flesh can cause them to fall. If you have exalted any man, you will be disappointed and may fall into a deeper sin than what you feel the preacher has committed. Preachers will always be men with penises. Exalting them is spiritual adultery, the grossest sin of all!  

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