Political Demons

Caught trying to chose between evil and evil? In the vicious and ungodly world of politics, we have the choice between the red-deviled republicans and the demonic democrats. Both parties claim to care about people and their concerns but time has proven that they only care about power and the means to control the masses. Which camp are you in? Would you choose the lesser of two evils as some propose? Imagine having to choose between being eaten by a lion or a crocodile? Or being burnt to death by your sworn enemies or hung naked by your “friends”?

Are those really choices or rather two sides with the same bowl of crap? 

When the most godly person walked on earth, he also faced a similar dilemma: a political and religious ungodly system that demanded unrighteous choices from its citizens. Instead of partaking in the mire and dirt of the parties, He chose to go higher. How about you? 

Have you been bamboozled by the name of Christ brought in as a means of blinding you to the truth of the intents of both parties? Are you led by the various political con-men who proclaim what Jesus would do or wouldn’t do? Just because one party supports sanctity of life and the other supports life of the poor and downtrodden doesn’t make them divine. Would you drink from a cup of water with a drop of cyanide mixed in? We need divine wisdom to lead us in these unholy times.

Vote whichever way you want, but do not think that one is evil and the other good!

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