Hollywood loves psychics and mediums. You have not arrived until you are personally connected to one of them. Paranormal movies have exploded in popularity over the past decade and more are being produced every year. Hollywood celebrities are not alone in their fascination with psychics, even President Reagan’s wife, Nancy, was known to consult psychics in the white house.

Many people from all walks of life also share in this pursuit of those that can help them predict their futures and resolve pressing problems. There is a natural need for supernatural and higher knowledge in all of us. Those that claim otherwise have simply suppressed this basic human need. People in ancient cultures and civilizations were known to seek supernatural help. The kings of Babylon and Pharaohs of Egypt had Psychics, mediums, sorcerers and other intuitively gifted men in their employment to help them discern dreams and make policies. And some even called prophets to help when others failed. The issue is not whether or not there is a need, rather the source through which the need is solved. Is it through the Psychic or the Prophet?

There is an order in the universe. At the very apex of this is God the creator of the universe. Because He is supreme in power and authority, all power flows from Him. He is the primary source of power however, there are other secondary sources. A true Prophet of God declares the word he hears from God without compromise and without compensation. He declares the good, the bad and the ugly! He is not generally welcome by the masses and is often rejected and hated by those who he was sent to help. He is not even received in many so called Churches of Christ, his voice is silenced by the leading authorities and people who prefer to hear only "good" things not bad.

When the true prophet is silenced and rejected, a vacuum is created for secondary voices to take over-hence, the proliferation of Psychics and mediums. Psychics can tap in to higher knowledge and power. From their vantage point, their views are not always fully clear. A partial view can only proclaim a partial truth. Psychics do not freely give out information either. For a fee you get the information you need. When money is a part of the plan, compromise is a great danger.

Do we blame the hungry masses for being hungry for information? Do we demonize the poor souls who desire higher knowledge to combat their urgent needs? Rather than pointing the finger at others by blaming the hungry for seeking food, shouldn’t we be leading them to the source of real food? Why settle for less when the best is available and within reach?

Prophet Daniel proved the source of his power in Babylon and Prophet Joseph in Egypt. All the others who gained their knowledge through secondary powers bowed down. For every true prophet there are thousands of false and fraudulent ones. Most true prophets are hidden in plain sight. Frauds are in every street corner, and most places of worship. The question is: Where are the true prophets in Hollywood? In America? In your Church? In your sphere?

It is time for true prophets to come out. It is time for them to proclaim the whole truth to the Hollywood producer, to the famous entertainers, to the Celebrities in the White house and the people in your house. Are you ready to hear the whole truth?

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