Bipartisanship is the agreement or cooperation of two political parties that usually oppose each other’s policies. It is a very compelling and attractive concept, especially in the vitriolic and highly charged political atmosphere we are presently experiencing in the United States today. The thought of the two parties coming together in harmony would be a dream fulfilled for some.

Without a doubt, bipartisanship can be a blessing in certain areas. I can think of at least two-healthcare and social programs such as homelessness. However, bipartisanship can be a curse in many other areas, leading to compromise and dilution. Can we all get along in every area of life? Is it wise for a mother of young children to just get along with the child predator in the neighborhood? Should Christ just get along with Satan for the sake of peace?

There are certain principles and policies that are so diametrically opposed and contrary to one another that coming to an agreement would be suicidal and insane!There is a reason why there are mainly two political parties. Being at peace does not mean compromising your own values and position, it does not mean accepting and bending to another’s opinion and thoughts, it certainly does not mean being double-minded and playing both sides! Peace is the ability to respectfully listen and understand where the other person is coming from while standing firm and holding fast to your own position. This does not make you dogmatic, inflexible or intolerant, dogmatic and intolerant people are not interested in listening to others and learning from them; they have a know it all and arrogant attitude. Being at peace with ourselves gives us the strength to disagree without being disagreeable. I understand the tenets of the Koran and respect the faith of Muslims however at the same time, I hold fast to the christian principles I believe without compromising my faith.Furthermore, in my listening and understanding, I have learnt that both Muslims and Christians share the same values in prayer-for Muslims five times a day and for Christians,”without ceasing”. While bipartisanship is admirable in certain areas, partisanship, defined as being a committed and uncompromising member of a political party, can be equally admirable and desirable. Would you want your congressman who purports to support the sanctity of life flip-flop on his believes? Or one who supports women’s rights be indecisive in his position? We want him to stand his ground and be steadfast.

Ultimately, the forces we fight are not all human, though human beings are used in the war. The forces we fight are spiritual and the most bipartisan being is the devil himself. The enemy of our souls, regardless of which party you adhere to is the devil. His most potent weapon is an appearance of peace. This appearance is formulated through false bipartisanship. In reality, the devil is the least racist, least sexist, least prejudiced, least critical, least judgmental being on earth. Racism and all the other negative evils of society are nothing but tools in this devil’s hands. He is a spirit, he doesn’t care about gender or race. He uses human differences for his own evil purposes. His strategy is to dilute and compromise Divine principles, making them weaker and less effective. When core principles are diluted and compromised through bipartisanship, pretty soon you have two parties that ought to be standing on their own principles joined together as one! They may be technically two but in principle are now one; a one party system. We are not quite there yet, but the seeds are being planted. His first plan is creating division; that plan is working out quite well at the moment, next is intense dissatisfaction and hatred, causing warfare in certain segments of society, and then comes “a man of ‘peace”; the one who brings together the warring factions. This man of peace is not Satan but one who has been empowered by him.

How can we escape, or at least delay, this eventuality? Divine wisdom and boldness are needed. We say in God we trust. It is time we truly ought to lean on him-these are not the most evil days,those days are still ahead of us. These are just birth-pangs of what is to come. We need to understand the signs of our times. The devil is not racist, he is not sexist, he is a pragmatic and opportunistic bipartisan genius! Here is the question for you: are you under his sway or are you like the sons of Issachar, men who were divinely discerning of their time?

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