Be honest. Have you ever contemplated suicide? Even for a few seconds? Has life gotten so rotten you thought for a moment ending it all would be the answer? You are not alone! These thoughts come and go and they do to the best of us.

This life is not all it is cracked up to be. Debilitating illnesses, continuous stresses, tragedies, death, regret, failing personal relationships and unfulfilled expectations can suck the pleasure of life out of you. In a materialistic and increasingly isolating world, suicide is fast becoming the answer for some. Suicidal thoughts cross all lines-racial,gender, educational, age, and socioeconomic ones included. It cares not, whether you are rich or poor, black or white, educated or illiterate, It is an equal opportunity invader! We hear of celebrities committing suicide and It brings attention to this sad and growing trend-from the famous chef and host of a popular TV show to another world famous comedian, celebrity suicides are shocking, hard to understand why people that seem to have it all would want to end it all. However for every celebrity that commits suicide there are hundreds of “regular” folks doing the same thing daily without a media blast.

According to the Center for Disease Control, in 2017,

Suicide was the 10th leading cause of death in the USA

Suicide was the 2nd leading cause of death among individuals between the ages of 10-34 Suicide was 4th among ages 35-54

In 2017 there were 1.4 million suicidal attempts and 47,173 of them resulted in death.

The reasons for committing suicide are varied, they include depression, social isolation, abuse, self worthlessness, self-hatred and many others. It is good to try to decipher the reasons but a far better purpose is discerning Its root. Suicide is an enigma, trying to understand it can be elusive. Not all depressed, ill or abused people commit suicide. Just because you are facing a stressful time in your life does not mean you will kill yourself. The question is why do some choose this route of escape and others don’t?

Suicide is elusive because the root is both in the soul(Mind) and the spirit. It is a form of illness and dis-ease but not often treated as such. Some think such people are just weak and lame! Do we think a person with cancer or heart disease is weak and lame? We have more compassion on those with cancer than we do those with ongoing and relentless suicidal thoughts and tendencies. Just as cancer is a disease affecting the body, suicidal thoughts and depression is a disease affecting the soul and spirit. The root is mainly internal though external circumstances can trigger and contribute to the illness.

As I mentioned earlier, not everyone has the propensity to commit suicide. A troubled past or a particularly stressful event does not automatically lead to suicidal thoughts-if it were, most of us would be dead! A stressful event may trigger a problem that already exists in the soul and spirit of an individual. For example, some of us are more prone to developing high blood pressure, Its root is genetic, and for us, doctors recommend a low sodium intake. I know others who can eat all the sodium they desire yet have no issues with blood pressure.

Salt is not the problem but can be a trigger for those who are already genetically susceptible to developing high blood pressure.

We worked with an individual with a family background of suicide and mental health problems that extended back to three generations. His Great-Grandfather committed suicide in his 40’s, the grandfather committed suicide in his 50’s, his father has had many mental health issues including suicidal thoughts and depression, he himself is under the care of a psychiatrist being treated for depression and other disorders. I recall an incident involving this individual months ago. We received a distressing phone call at 3 a.m. “I am losing my mind, I just want to put a bullet in my F**ing brain,” he cried. We would have paid him a personal visit, but he was hundreds of miles away in another state. We spoke, for what seemed like hours, he finally calmed down and was able to get back to a peaceful state of mind. He was feeling better and wanted to be taken off his medication but we advised strongly against that! For him, a higher degree of self-care is needed. The same way a person with blood pressure issues watches his diet.

The root cause of suicide can be in the soul and spirit. From the perspective of the soul, think of it as the mind attacking itself. As cancer cells in the body turn deadly and rebellious, the cancer cells in the soul turn deadly also-thoughts gone rogue! “I’d rather just end it all”,”nobody cares anyway”,”they are all better off without me”,-are thoughts attacking the fabric of the soul. A healthy functioning soul can overcome these negative and deadly thoughts but the dis-eased and suicidal mind is “overcome” and “overwhelmed” by these relentless life-sucking thoughts.

The other root cause of suicidal seduction is in the spirit. Man is a tripart being, he has a body, a soul and a spirit. A man’s spirit is not independent-it cannot exist in a vacuum. It has to attach itself to another spiritual personality, a greater one. Christians refer to this experience as being “born again”. To be born again is receiving the Spirit of Christ. When His Spirit joins with a human spirit, you become a “new creation”. It is a Spiritual reality that results in the Spiritual DNA of Christ embedded in yours-your once weak and feeble human spirit has now been empowered and energized, potentially protected from other negative and malevolent spirits who also desire to express themselves through you.

If a person is not joined to the Spirit of Christ, he is not roaming solo-there are a host of other spirits who will Join and attach themselves to him. These spirits silently and covertly begin their evil and oppressive operation unannounced though It will still appear that you are in control. It is a great and sad deception! The thoughts coming to you sound like your thoughts, in reality they are not. Your own thoughts have been taken over while other thoughts take full control. The negative voices you hear are in fact not yours but are voices of strange and malevolent spirits. “Just end it all!” life will be much better if you do”,may be booming voices coming from your inner self. Would a healthy you really tell you to destroy your own life? Would it not give you hope for living?

Most Psychiatrists only consider the root cause of suicide from the perspective of the mind and not the spirit however, divine wisdom considers the total person-body, soul and spirit. If the problem was only in the mind, then surely psychotic drugs and medication would keep us all sane and suicide free-all you have to do is take your daily pill and you’ll be fine. Medicine can help and is effective if the root is in the mind. It can also help as a compensating measure while your doctor rightly diagnoses your condition. However, if the problem is related to the spirit and other “entities,” you will not be able to heal these issues with psychotic drugs. We will keep medicating people with more and more drugs and even cause fatality due to the side effects of some of the drugs that are prescribed. We cannot solve spiritual issues with psychotic drugs! When other entities are involved, they desire to control that person completely. We know from the Holy Scriptures that Jesus had a few encounters with people who had been possessed by these wicked spirits.

Every suicidal thought is not the result of malevolent entities but for those that are, the correct diagnosis is crucial-psychiatrists are not qualified or trained to heal these cases. Drugs may help the person for a little while but would never set the person free.

There is a spiritual solution to this problem. It should not be thoughtlessly discarded or relegated to spiritual mumbo jumbo! Would you not diligently and zealously seek all options in finding help for yourself or a loved one sick with cancer? Why should you callously toss out a spiritual solution? Why not research this yourself and see where It leads.

Christ came to set people free-yes, even from suicidal thoughts and mental illnesses. His daily presence brings peace, calm and serenity to those who faithfully receive Him.

Suicide is not the answer, having suicidal thoughts is not a sin nor should it make you feel less than others-it is only a signal, an indicator letting you know, you need help. Lord knows, we all do. Be encouraged-help is out there! You are not alone.

*If you need someone to talk to privately and confidentially, feel free to contact us

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