THE LORD OF THE GERMS: The Few, The Immune & The Consumed

We live in a world of illusions. Many only believe in what can be seen, touched, and felt. Most also falsely assume control of their lives. For example, what we eat dictates how much we weigh; what we wear dictates how we’re perceived; and words we use in conversation really defines what kind of status and reputation other’s will have of us. Several years ago, at a time in my life when I actually thought I was in control of myself and my loved ones, tragedy hit home hard. My wife, in her twenties, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, seemingly out of nowhere. In the same way, seemingly out of nowhere, the whole world is affected by the coronavirus pandemic. All of a sudden our daily lives have changed and the control we so wrongfully thought we had seems like nothing but a distant memory. Take a moment and consider the forces in this life that are reliable and always proven true. Such as gravity, not one day has anyone risen out of bed without having the unseen force of gravity firmly pulling their feet to the floor. In the same manner, we know that spending many hours in the sun without sunscreen will not only cause a very severe and flaky sunburn, but could potentially even cause skin cancer. Just as gravity and the rays of the sun indeed have significant effects on our lives, they are not seen with the naked eye. No one can tell me what gravity or a ray of sunshine looks like. However, they are both known and believed because of the effect they have to our lives in this world. Today, the world is facing another unseen enemy. This enemy has been the cause of most calamities as of late. This unseen enemy is believed and accepted among all people and all nations, no matter race, ethnicity, nor religion. This unseen enemy has made itself a “God” like figure, claiming all media headlines, feared by all men and women across the world, and travels all across the world. This unseen, yet very much believed, enemy is the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Isn’t it time to believe in the other unseen? Isn’t there something else out there that causes people to be revived and escape death? What if there was a fly who upon contact cured cancer but was invisible to the naked eye? Seems unbelievable right? Sounds too good to be true! In light of all the calamity and death that the COVID-19 virus has caused, isn’t it time to also believe in the unseen that heals, restores, and brings peace (not fear). The unseen that unities and does not distance brother from brother. The unseen that eliminates fear and encourages fellowship. The unseen that miraculously heals and restores and allows certain people to live beyond the years given in this world. If anyone believes and fears the COVID-19 virus, shouldn’t they also believe in its counterpart? Let’s talk about God. God is unseen, but believed by some, including myself. In the same way that this world is structured in a hierarchy, so are the ways of God and the unseen. There is a supreme, above all and all, called the Lord. He is the Lord of all lords as the scriptures tell us. God is also the Lord of ALL GERMS! By definition of being Lord of ALL, He is in absolute control of all movement of every matter (seen and unseen) under the heavens. Though the devil and death is most feared in this world, Satan cannot and does not have authority or power to do anything unless granted by God in heaven. The words of Christ make this plain and clear: You could have no power at all against Me unless it had been given you from above. Blaming and giving credit to the devil for the COVID-19 Pandemic, cancer, disease, etc. is like blaming the mailman for delivering a tax bill or any kind of negative mail we all receive in our mailbox daily. Even though the devil can, and will continue to, inflict deadly viruses and cancers into humanity, we must remember that Satan is NOT God. God is still ruling and will always have authority and power over Satan Remember when? Yes, back in bible study we’ve all heard about the sad and horrible story of a man named Job. Job was, according to God, the most faithful of all his servants. Some may desire to also be called God’s most faithful, however, the title came to Job with much responsibility. When Satan wanted blood he came and asked God for permission (as stated above God rules and has power and authority over Satan) to strike Job. God, to the surprise of most I assume, granted the devil’s request with the condition that he could not take Job’s life. Satan didn’t hold back and went about killing all Job’s children in one day! Not only that, Job’s wife cursed him and left him, his friends blamed him, and he became physically ill with sores and lesions all over his body. However, he didn’t die in the hands of the devil. Through it all, the devil was never in control, he just did everything imaginable that he had been given the right to do. He was still under the authority of His Lord, the Lord of the whole universe. Would a good and benevolent God be involved in such seemingly evil plots? This is the struggle and the question that baffles both believers and unbelievers alike. In times of trouble, three types of characters usually define any one person going through the troubles as seen in the current troubles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. First we have the few, second the immune, and thirdly the consumed. Let’s talk about these three in a bit more detail. Let’s begin with the few. Who are they? They are as the title states, the minority. They tend to be courageous and bold. They care more about others than themselves, they are by character sacrificial. Their nature doesn’t allow fear to rule their actions, instead they act in ways most others define as “unruly”. One person we can probably all agree who I would define as one of the few is Lady Diana. During the height of the AIDS epidemic, Lady Diana was seen visiting HIV infected people in villages and hospitals around Africa. She was not afraid to hold their hands nor to give hugs and love. Seems like not a big deal today, knowing that HIV is spread by blood and not through the air. But remember that in her days, the cause and spread of the disease wasn’t yet understood by the medical profession. Lady Diana simply showed more compassion than any fear in her, she saw a need to love and care for souls that had been stained and labeled as “sick”. She did not practice the medically suggested “social distancing” so religiously practiced today. Lady Diana is a person I never had the pleasure of meeting, however, I have met people that I would also categorize as one of the “few”. Just yesterday I was delivering a dirt bike to a man I had never met before. We met, spoke for a bit, and exchanged some cash for the dirt bike. The man had brought two of his daughters with him and they had both been listening as their father and I spoke. When all was finished and time to part ways, I reached out my hand (as I normally do) for a closing hand shake. I was surprised that it was not sealed, instead, I was given a “fist-bump” instead of a proper handshake. I blew the insult off and figured the man way too afraid of the COVID-19 virus and decided to not make a big deal about it. To my surprise, the man’s nine year old daughter who has been observing us throughout our conversation rose up and came towards me. She looked at her dad and then looked at me and boldly stated: “I don’t care about stupid viruses, I just want to give you a hug!” She proceeded to give me a hug and once finished her father looked at me and shrouded his shoulders and said that was just the crazy type of person his daughter was. Well, in my opinion, his daughter is one of the few! The few all have one thing in common, they love more than they fear. Do you? Are you one of the few? Do you love more than you fear? Do you have the type of love modeled by Christ Himself as He touched the lepers, drank and ate with sinners, went against societal norms and traditions and ultimately gave up His own life for the sake of others? Having and living by this kind of love does not necessarily mean long life nor prosperity. As we all know, Princess Diana died before her time at a very young age. However, life isn’t defined by the amount of years we live, it’s about actually living the years that we have. Christ himself, also died before his time at a far too young of an age. He also reminds us: “Whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.” Princess Diana, as well as the young girl who hugged me, were not seeking to preserve their own lives. They simply couldn’t NOT love! Are you one of the few who cannot but LOVE in such a fearful time as this? Secondly, let’s talk about the “immune”. Who are they? As time has proven, not all humans are susceptible to the same illnesses or viruses. Some are diagnosed with brain cancer, others are not. Some will die of the coronavirus, others won’t. In the same manner, Ambassadors and Diplomats do not have to obey the laws of the land in which they live. A Diplomat is neither a citizen of the nation they live in but are ruled by the nation that they belong to. In the bible, consider when the Israelites were living in Egypt. God gave them immunity against the plagues and diseases that were affecting the Egyptians. Likewise, the COVID-19 virus has no power against anyone who has been given this type of divine immunity. Divine immunity is not granted according to a person’s good works, observance of all God’s laws and commands, or even on account of being a self-proclaimed Christian. Divine immunity is granted only by God’s grace and mercy. When given, it isn’t taken for granted or received with arrogance or pride. It’s with a humble and contrite spirit it is accepted, knowing that in the same way a diplomat’s immunity can be revoked and stripped from him, God’s immunity can also be revoked if abused. Have you been granted divine immunity from the COVID-19 virus? Do you even believe that such immunity exists? If you have, how do you plan to use it to further His Kingdom? Thirdly and lastly, we are left with the majority called the “consumed”. The consumed are living and fueled by the fear and panic of any imminent threat. The United States is a nation driven by consumers. This nation is the largest consumer of crude oil and many other products/services of the world. Spiritually, the United States is also the largest consumer and user of the wealth and health gospel, also known as the prosperity gospel. In this COVID-19 crisis, the majority of people are consumed by fear or falsely proclaiming peace. Even the President of the United States himself preached that the virus was nothing bigger than any other flu. Leaving many to falsely believe that the COVID-19 posed no threat to anyone. Do you know of anyone in the United States today that doesn’t fear the COVID-19 virus? It is a fearful world to live in when fear of the unknown is joined with a false hatred of others instead of love. When consumed by fear, people listen and obey the fearful thoughts preached and communicated in the media and social networks. This type of consumed fear leads to hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizers, leaving nothing left to others. Lastly, we need to ask ourselves, who am I? Am I one of the few, immune, or just consumed? Do I dare to love in a world stricken by fear? Do I believe and accept divine immunity? Or am I living day after day consumed by the fears of the world and of the COVID-19 virus?

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