From the time we met, precious time was ticking away. There was no way we could have known how short of a time we would have together. We were in our twenties and had all our lives and dreams ahead of us; or so we thought.

The reality however was so different from our perception: we were only appointed ten years together, perhaps only seven when you account for three years lost while sleeping.

We spent a number of years building our financial business, much time was consumed to this endeavor. As every entrepreneur knows, building a business from the ground up requires and demands a lot of time. Yet, we had the same amount of time as everyone else on this planet- the same 24 hours in each day. Time spent on one thing is time spent away from other things. This truth compels us to use and not abuse this most precious gift we have all been given.

Time passed and we had our first child. Business was still time consuming but we had to fit in time for this equally time demanding baby boy. We came to an agreement. We would split up our time. My wife and business partner became a full-time stay at home mom and I continued to spend my time tending to our growing business and employees.

Three years later another bouncing baby boy joined the family. At the time, neither of us knew how important of a decision we had made. The precious time my wife spent with our boys was highly instrumental in making them who they are today-thoughtful and brilliant young men. I continued tending to business and she was fully engaged with the boys, giving away her time selflessly to ensure the positive growth in our two precious souls.

Suddenly, without any warning, time was about to bring a change we never imagined or anticipated. About two years after the birth of our second child, my wife was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and was given three months to live! We went through stages of shock, unbelief, fear and grudging acceptance. “Lord, I cried, give us more time!!”

That cry was answered in a number of ways: A friend donated his time by sending his wife to take care of our little boys ages 3 and 6, essentially taking time away from his family and giving the time to mine. Other friends donated food and gift cards, giving us more time to spend at home as a family. Others spent their time in prayer and fasting, praying God would have mercy and give her more time. During that time, we were blessed with bigger business transactions which enabled me to spend more time with my dying wife.

The threat of imminent death made time a very precious commodity in our eyes, more so than any other time. It made us very conscious of time beyond this finite time. No matter how long one has been given in this life, in time, it ends.

Our focus was now on eternal time and on Him who controls all time. Should a bad doctor’s report be what prompts us to think on eternal time? Yes, if that is what it takes: better to consider it while we have the time than not at all!

Time is not measured by quantity alone, the quality and value of time is far more important. We have many examples of great men and women who only had a very short time in this world but accomplished great things. What is common to them all is that they gave and sacrificed their time for the sake of others. According to the Words of Christ, the greatest Man who ever lived, ”It is more blessed to give than to receive”. He gave His time, though short, so all could have quality time.

How about you? What value are you putting on your time? Are you taking a daily inventory of this priceless gift? In business, we make decisions everyday, there are urgent and non-urgent matters and we give priority to things we deem important. Is there any gift more important than time? How are you managing yours? Are you losing it, using it or abusing it? Will you take time to consider this urgent matter?

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