Most church going Christians are familiar with the term,”tithing”. It is the act of giving 10 percent of one’s income to the church. This was instituted by God to teach His children how to be unselfish and generous towards Him and His interests. It was His way of forging a loving and bridal relationship between Him and His Bride. It was meant to be joyous and voluntary not forced and mechanical. The problem however is that God’s heart and principles are divine but man’s heart is impure and carnal.

What started as divine soon became corrupt and contaminated. In many circles today, tithing has become trading ,the business of exchanging money for a type of commodity. A bridal relationship has turned into a business relationship. Would you be comfortable if your spouse required a gift before she decides to have sex? When you are truly in love, do you not give of yourself and more, without expecting anything in return? Why then is God being treated like a whore? When tithing becomes trading, it is no longer a tithe, it is now a travesty! Is there any wonder why many are still waiting for God to bless them and find themselves waiting and waiting….

Isn’t it time you stopped treating Christ like a punk and started loving Him as a beloved Prince?

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