Have you ever felt guilty for wanting to be rich? Are you envious of those that are richer than you? You ought to be! You should desire to be richer and richer everyday. As the famous rapper, 50 cent, says, “Get rich or die trying”.

A desire to be rich is not evil nor is it the lustful craving of materialistic men in a materialistic world. It is a divine desire for all men in all nations. We are all created to be rich, healthy and whole, anything less is living beneath our divine destinies. The desire is authentic but the issue is it’s focus; the desire has to be correctly calibrated. It is an inner desire, a strong craving in the soul not the body. It is this inner craving that has been hijacked by the cravings of our physical bodies.

Without question, our outer materialistic environment plays a pivotal role in continually calling our attention to its promises and pleasures. If this desire was truly a physical desire for the sole fulfillment of pleasuring the body, why then would the richest man who ever lived, Christ Jesus, not have acquired all the homes, cars, jets, and other physical treasures, to prove this reality? Rather than that, His timeless words leave us much food for thought, he says,”what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” In other words, why have a fat bank account while your soul is starving?

When we transfer this inner inheritance, a desire to prosper the soul, to the outer man, we do so at a high cost. It leaves the soul depleted and discontent. There is no amount of money or pleasure that can soothe this pain. Without the right remedy, this depletion eventually results in cancer, a cancer of the soul. A far more lethal cancer than any physical cancer known to man!

This cancer leads to over indulgence and untimely death-and for some, a permanent separation of the soul from its eternal creator.

Is it wrong to desire to be rich in this world? No, if you are correctly aligned with the origin of your desires and the purposes of worldly riches. When you are conscious and aware that true riches are internal, whatever riches you acquire in the world would be used towards the right purposes. Yes, including your own enjoyment and not feeling guilty for being blessed by it.

So, you wanna be rich? Start by acknowledging where the desire comes from; your soul. Next, begin to feed your soul through prayer, daily gratitude, meditation on all virtues and internalizing the word of God. Finally, out of that practice will naturally proceed all the right actions you ought to take. These actions are not the same for everyone. Your actions are yours alone; helping those you have been called to help. Get ready, set, and go get truly rich!!!

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