According to a popular poll, over 50 percent of Americans over the age of 18 have gotten high and more than 40 percent get high every day. Getting high can be good for your soul-it can bring you into a place of ecstasy, peace and serenity. It even has some amazing health benefits, some have experienced lower blood pressure and lower blood sugar and cholesterol readings from getting high.

Many of the ancient wise men and gurus participated in this ritual religiously.

Jesus got high-He was always at peace, he even slept through raging storms

King Saul got high-tore off his clothes, got buck naked and prophesied!

Elijah got high-he was speedily beamed up to heaven

David got high-he danced naked in front of a crowd

John, the Apostle, got high-he saw grotesque seven headed demons and flying frogs and even

Bob Marley got high-his songs are forever an inspiration for all generations to enjoy.

With all these great benefits and all these great men getting high, the question is why are there only 50 percent of Americans participating in this great activity? Why is anyone still sitting on the fence sober?

Heaven Itself is supposed to be a place of no tears, no sadness, no sorrows, a place of ecstatic praises and worship and joy;sounds like God Himself desires us to be high as a kite! This is the very issue that we face, distinguishing God’s idea of getting high from the counterfeit. There is a real and authentic high and there is a fake and counterfeit one also.

The enemy is not a creator, he is a great imitator. His high or feeling of exhilaration is a very close resemblance to being high on Jesus. In order to know the counterfeit you must know very well what the real feels like. You cannot discern a fake $100 bill without being very familiar with the real. When the disciples of Jesus received the power of the Holy spirit, some onlookers thought they were high on alcohol!

What does being high on God look like and how is it different from the counterfeit? Being high on God is a spiritual not soulish experience. Your Spirit is energized and that energy flows into your soul and even your physical body. Because It is not artificially produced, it excites you without taking over your entire body. You are aware of what is going on and allow it to happen. Joy from the spirit is ecstatic not based on any substance that you ingest or allow to join with your soul.

We have all read the headlines where people have murdered their loved ones on account of being high. Have you ever read about anyone killing another person on account of being high on Jesus? Satan entices your flesh and invites you to partake of substances he knows will produce temporary excitement and relief but leaves you emotionally and mentally dependent and weak. There is a way that seems good to man but the end thereof is death says the Word. if there was no enjoyment at all from substances, no one would ever want to indulge, there is a pleasure that comes with it. The joy of the Lord on the contrary is a spirit that leaves your emotions healed and desires you to seek him for even more healing. Satan is a thief and a robber. Whatever he gives is meant to lead you to a place of death, robbing you of your time and desire to get high with God. When you get high, you don’t do it alone. You either get high with the Spirit of God or you get high with another spirit. One is malevolent and wicked, the other is benevolent and loving. You cannot partake of both spirits at the same time Even in the natural, you are warned not to mix your drinks. If you are drinking wine, stick to wine, don’t mix it with hard liquor. Getting high is a form of Communion, a joining together of Spirits. When God’s Spirit and Peter’s Spirit joined together, he acted like Jesus, healing the sick and doing good. When Satan’s spirit joined with Judas’s spirit, he plotted to kill Jesus!

It is important to choose who we want to get high with-Jesus or the enemy through his various artificial substances. Peter Tosh, a reggae musician advocated many years ago for the legalization of marijuana. It is now a reality in some places in the USA. There is however a greater high we ought to advocate and advertise. It is the getting high with God’s Spirit. This should be our daily and holy obsession and addiction. Wanna get high?

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