Do you believe in soulmates? Are you certain there is “one” created just for you? Most of us do;we believe there is at least one soul that has been specifically designed for us. Some are currently living in that reality, others are on a quest to find “the one”, and a few souls have given up, surmising the whole concept to be nothing but fiction; musings of poets, fanatics and hopeless romantics!

The desire to seek, search and strive to find the one is inherent in all mankind, after all, the One who created us is Himself in a perpetual love relationship! Perhaps for the most part, we can agree on the idea of soulmates. How about hell mates? If soulmates exist, wouldn’t there also be the existence of the opposite? For every good, there is an evil counterpart. A hell-mate is an unfriendly mate to your soul. In life, you have just as good a chance of meeting your soulmate as a hell-mate, in reality, your chances are higher of meeting hell mates.

You can think of soulmates as people you connect with whose main purpose is to help you grow to become a better version of yourself. They are in your life to help you discover your inner strength and gifts, leading you to your destined path and purpose. Soulmates can be any gender, any race and have any type of personality. Because they can appear in very unusual packages, people miss their soulmates when they are too focused on outward appearances and achievements, totally ignoring the character and beauty in the inner soul.

How about hell mates? These are known by the carnage and destruction they leave behind-like a tornado, they suddenly appear in your life with lightning speed. By the time you are aware of what’s going on, you are left broke, bruised and bound! Promises of everlasting love turned into a bloody nightmare! Why would anyone aware and awake fall into this trap? Very simple. These relationships begin like a fairy tale story-mimicking all the feelings of love, affection and romance of a genuine love story. Hell mates may even start out as soulmates but in time, transform to become a destructive and dreadful version of their original being; a once noble seed turning into a degenerate vine! There are red flags, even from the beginning of the relationship. These signs are usually blissfully ignored in the early stages but are glaringly obvious in hindsight. As they say,”love is blind!”

Life is an adventure, full of different experiences. As destructive as they are, hell mates play an important role in the growth and advancement of our souls-the pain we experience, in time can lead to a more understanding and compassionate soul. It can help us become more humble, perceiving others just as vulnerable as ourselves, It can help us become wiser and more discerning as we plow through the issues of life. What appeared to be a most humiliating experience could be the very one that grows us the most.

There is yet another dimension to consider: on a much deeper and higher level, are we not all “hell-mates” in God’s eyes? Do we not leave him long suffering for years? Is it not by His grace we are called, redeemed and transformed to become His most beloved “Soulmates?”

We cannot imagine going through one hell-mate relationship however, Christ goes through an infinite number of hell mates continually! Gladly, some become His soulmates; loyal, steadfast and faithful lovers. While others continue to run and reject His wooing and loving advances.

At the end of the day, one can find a human soulmate and miss the Divine, others may find the Divine and miss the human, while a blessed few may find both the human and the Divine in this life! Perhaps at the end of the day, being a soulmate is more preferable to finding one. As the old saying goes, those that seek money will not find it but those that seek God will find money unsought. The same goes for soulmates. The question is, who are you? And who are you becoming?

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